Column: Hunting for votes

It’s election season and it’s going to be a short one

COLUMN: Be smarter than the average bear

Spring is here, which means bears are going to start showing any time now.

  • Apr 20th, 2017

COLUMN: The perils of living in Shuswap slide country

This region does experience extreme instability far too often

  • Apr 20th, 2017

Stargazing: Asteroid near misses

Today (April 19) an asteroid passed close by.

  • Apr 19th, 2017

COLUMN: What about the environment?

In a very recent poll pertaining to the election, only seven per cent worried about the environment

  • Apr 13th, 2017
Salmon Arm Tennis Club Open House
  • 6 hours ago


Pee Wee Silvertips help family battling cancer


First annual Hit to Fit gala fundraising event, Saturday, March 11 at the Westgate Public Market in Salmon Arm


Centenoka Park Mall goes to the dogs


COLUMN: Speaking loudly under one voice

There are a lot of groups within B.C. that have concerns about the future of fish and wildlife

  • Apr 13th, 2017

Steele: A green way to green up your lawn

This year I invite you to skip the chemical fertilizer and try a soil-building mulch

  • Apr 7th, 2017

Movin’ and shakin’ all over the region

Our mountains continue to move, as evidenced by slides off Bastion Mountain periodically

  • Apr 6th, 2017

Easy catch ideal for young anglers

When it comes to kids fishing, there really is something to be said for quantity over quality.

  • Apr 6th, 2017

Three pitfalls to avoid

There are traps those of us who live with chronic depression or bipolar disorder can fall into.

  • Apr 6th, 2017

Everything Shuswap finally off to press

Proceeds from book sales will be donated to School District #83 for their outdoor learning program.

  • Apr 6th, 2017

Forest policies need to add up

China is buying a lot more lumber than logs

Forest policies need to add up

China is buying a lot more lumber than logs

Politicians can’t direct innovation

Ottawa has 140 innovation programs, with more to come

BC VIEWS: A graveyard of political visions

BC Liberals as cynical as ever, Greens and NDP target industry

BC VIEWS: Bonus baths for B.C. seniors

Ottawa blamed for delay in needed help