Chase youth Kera Williams looks over the different types of equipment that will be part of the future Chase Splash Pad at the Chase Lions Open House on Wednesday, March 8 at the Chase Community Hall.- Image credit: Rich Koch photo

Chase splash pad needs funding

Little Lions Club has raised big funds but needs help, village not chipping in

Chase residents are showing their support for the proposed Chase Lions Memorial Park Splash Pad, but the project is going to require much more financial assistance.

At the Water Splash Pad Open House held Wednesday, March 8 at the Chase Community Hall, the Lions heard lots of positive comments.

Of the 65 people who attended, 64 said yes, one said no, reports Beverley Iglesias, Chase Lions president and secretary.

“Thank you to all who came to support the Lions. We appreciate the time you gave today to provide positive affirmation that a splash pad is well received for our community. Now, just to raise the funds. If you can support financially, please give me a call, 250-371-7136.”

The Lions club has already raised $104,000, with an estimated budget of $380,000. The club has received one of three cost estimate bids, and has submitted two current grant proposals for more funds.

As well, engineering drawings are complete and an Interior Health construction permit has been approved.

However, village council requires that full project costs be in place prior to construction, so the Lions are requesting the community’s financial assistance. The splash pad will sit on village property.

Village council passed a motion on March 14 stating:

“That it be resolved that no construction will be permitted to start on the Village owned land at Memorial Park that is designated for the future Chase Splash Pad until all funds are raised by the Chase Lions Club and subsequently transferred to the Village of Chase for disbursement for works to be performed. Any in-kind donations must be committed in writing including details of the works to be donated and the monetary value of those works.”

Iglesias explains the club took on the project two-and-a-half years ago.

“There has been absolutely no support back. We’re having to raise this ourselves and it’s big, big money,” she says, noting the Chase Lions Club has about 15 members, seven of whom are active.

“If this is going to get done, it has to be done by the people of Chase… It’s going to be years if it’s one dollar at a time, one hot dog at a time, one hamburger at a time.”

The club is celebrating its 50th anniversary in Chase this year and has a legacy of supporting many groups and projects, such as the Chase Heat, the Chase diagnostic treatment centre, the Chase museum, the community hall and more.

Iglesias remarks: “We’re just saying, we gave you 50 years, we’ve helped so many people, we need your support, please jump in.”

The club lists the advantages of a splash pad in their club information.

“Splash parks create an environment that children of all ages and abilities enter with equal enthusiasm. The tiniest toddler can play with the gentle ground sprays while the older kids commandeer the cannons in an effort to spray their friends and family. Rain caps give the sense of hiding from the water. Group volcanoes inspire kids to work together. Ground lily pad activators are low enough for all children. Wheelchairs easily access spray parks. Visually impaired children experience the exciting sensation of cool, plummeting water. Hearing impaired children love the bright colours, the extra thick and tall components. Autistic children gain valuable social skills, and a water pad helps overcome their greatest threat – drowning.”