Lachlan Labere/Salmon Arm Observer Martin Tomma and daughter Patrisha Narcisse are making preparations for a lemonade stand fundraiser Patricia will be running in Chase this Friday to raise money for BC Children’s Hospital.

Children’s Hospital fundraiser fuelled by experience

Chase-area youth selling lemonade to help out the BC Children’s Hospital.

Patrisha Narcisse will be turning lemons into lemonade for BC Children’s Hospital.

The nine-year old Narcisse will be in Chase on Friday, July 28, with the hope of meeting folks with strong thirsts and charitable hearts. Her lemonade stand will be set up on Shuswap Avenue, in the little park across from Craig’s Bakery.

All funds collected will be donated directly to BC Children’s Hospital.

“A lot of children are sick and I want to help,” said Narcisse, who has been a patient with BC Children’s Hospital since the age of five, when it was discovered she’d been born without a spleen.

Martin Tomma, Patrisha’s father, said her condition wasn’t known until she’d become seriously ill, and was transported to hospital in Kamloops and then to Children’s Hospital. There she was put into an induced coma.

“It was for about a period of two weeks and it was then they found she had no spleen,” said Tomma.

The spleen filters blood as part of a person’s immune system, as well as fights types of bacteria that cause pneumonia and meningitis.

Patrisha is now on medication for life, and visits Children’s Hospital at least once a year for health checks as well as dental work.

Patrisha is a student at Chief Atahm school. She enjoys keeping fit and doing her homework, her favourite subject being algebra. At home, she likes to help Tomma out with chores such as mowing the lawn, and taking time to play with her cat Keyti.

“I can do a lot of things – I just have to go to Children’s Hospital to make sure I’m OK,” said Patrisha. In addition to the lemonade stand, an account is being set up under Patrisha’s name at the Chase branch of the Royal Bank, where people can make donations for Children’s Hospital.

“It won’t be just a one day thing,” said Tomma.

The Village of Chase is supportive of Patrisha’s effort and have given its approval for the lemonade stand.

“Children’s Hospital is a great cause and I don’t think there’s anyone that doesn’t support Children’s Hospital…,” said Chase corporate officer Sean O’Flaherty. “Our community supports so many great causes and this is no different.”