Jasmine Lam

COLUMN: April sees action on stage and field

By Jasmine Lam

The month of April has passed by quickly as students worked hard to get back into the swing of things after a well-deserved March break.

Many sports begin in the spring season, including soccer. The senior girls’ soccer team has played well and with a lot of spirit considering the small amount of practice they have had as a team. Salmon Arm Secondary has the utmost confidence that the girls will continue to play their best and represent the school well.

Also, since coming back from their trip to Trinidad and Tobago, the boys’ and girls’ senior rugby teams have shown even better teamwork, likely due to their enriching and cultural experience abroad. Many of the students were thrilled at the chance of meeting new people and truly getting to experience a raw new love for the up and coming sport.

Later on in the month of April, the junior and senior jazz bands competed in the Shuswap Interior Festival. Both bands showed a high level of professionalism and were thrilled at the chance of being adjudicated.

Finally, the month of April ended with SAS students being treated to a guest speaker: Gwynne Dyer. Gwynne Dyer, author, historian, and independent journalist, was kind enough to stop by the Sullivan campus to discuss some current events with the curious students. Amongst talk of American President Donald Trump and American politics, he eventually came to his main point: universal basic income.

Students were challenged to think about other social systems that could replace our current welfare systems. The talk left students inspired to think about our global future as a whole.

As we head into the month of May, students can look forward to the Sullivan Senior Acting Class putting on Big Rock at Candy’s Mountain in the first week of May.