Elaine Holmes and Peter Clark have partnered to form Green Room and will perform as part of the Acoustic Avenue series on May 27 at The Handmade Shoppe, where they will debut their new album.

Green Room appears on Acoustic Avenue

Peter Clark and Elaine Holmes duo debut new CD at Saturday concert

Two more talented performers will arrive on Acoustic Avenue.

Elaine Holmes and Peter Clark perform together as Green Room as part of the Acoustic Avenue Concert Series on Saturday, May 27 to share their deep roots music and debut Opportunity Knocked, their debut album of original songs.

Green Room came to be in early 2016. Shortly after, Clark and Holmes determined the next step should be to integrate their original material into their repertoire.

In the fall, they began adapting and arranging their individual songs to the duo format. Ultimately this led to deeper collaborations on their original repertoire with Holmes and Clark combining their strengths to enhance the writing.

Clark tends to be more lyric-driven and structural with his arrangements, while Holmes’ are more emotional and sensual, adding depth.

Maintaining an openness to each other’s ideas has brought about several unexpected creative breakthroughs. The primary principles in their collaboration are to have something to say, say it in an interesting and unique fashion, and build musical structures that frame these ideas well.

Another exciting aspect of Green Room’s sound is Holmes’ inventive use of vocal looping, which allows her to create rich harmonies and textures “on the fly” live.

“I am really excited to have the opportunity to work on this collaboration with Peter; it’s come together very quickly because we work so well together and our styles compliment each other,” says an enthusiastic Holmes.

The songs on Opportunity Knocked run the gamut of pure fun to longing, the joys and trials of existence and cosmic insights. Latin, groove and world influences are in evidence.

In live performances, Holmes is in charge of vocals, vocal looping, guitar and keyboards while Peter takes care of guitars, bass, drum loops and electronica.

Holmes and Clark are both singer/songwriters and visual artists with Holmes teaching art full time in the Salmon Arm school system and Clark teaching instruments to individual students.

The concert will be held at The Handmade Shoppe, 2090 10th Ave. SW in the Old Canadian Tire building. Doors open at 6 p.m. and food and refreshments are available form the licensed bistro.

Tickets are available online at acousticavenue.tickit.ca or at Acorn Music. Reservations can be made by calling 778-489-5408.

The duo will also perform at The Wildwood Relief Fund at 2 p.m. Sunday, June 4, a concert to raise funds for local flood victims.

The concert at Carlin Hall will feature music from Oh Canada The Revue production and a silent auction.

The concession will be open, with proceeds going to flood victims.