Trudeau avoids tough decisions

Prime Minister Trudeau has garnered global praise for proclaiming he is a feminist. In this far-from-perfect world there are countless reactionary men, including the president of the USA and the president of Russia, who believe a male feminist must be a wuss, a wimp who can be bullied. Trudeau can bask in the adulation of feminists, partake in endless ‘selfie’ sessions and enjoy his social media celebrity, but when a critical domestic or global issue requires inspired Canadian leadership, he better be well-informed, principled, determined and pragmatic.

Each time Trudeau avoids making a tough decision because of procrastination, back pedalling, fiscal irresponsibility or blatant partisanship, e.g., the jet fighter replacement program, the promise of electoral reform, the ballooning budgetary deficits and the disconcerting Harjit Sajjan affair, he shows himself to be just another mealy-mouthed politician. After promising his government would be open and accountable, Trudeau’s unwillingness to answer questions candidly, especially in the House of Commons, makes him a self-obsessed hypocrite.

Lloyd Atkins