On Wednesday, April 19, a westbound JPW truck travels past the sloughing shoulder along the Trans-Canada Highway at Kault Hill.- Image credit: Lachlan Labere/Salmon Arm Observer.

UPDATE: Repairs have begun on Kault Hill

Side of roadway sloughing towards lakeside embankment.

Update Thursday, April 21, 8:40 a.m.:

Thursday morning, work crews had begun repairing the pavement sloughing on the pullout on Kault Hill.

Motorists report flaggers are there along with heavy equipment.

Previous story:

On Wednesday, the gaping cracks along the Trans-Canada Highway pullout at Kault Hill appeared to be morphing into ditches in some spots.

The pullout sits next to the westbound lane of the highway on the lake side. It is on the Tappen side of Kault Hill.

As the asphalt on the pullout sloughs towards the embankment, it is leaving ever-widening gaps. An update from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure on Wednesday stated that crews will be starting repairs by Friday and have been keeping an eye on the roadway, as well as making pothole repairs in the area.

An email to the Market News on Tuesday stated:

“Crews are aware of the large crack in the pullout beside Highway 1 near Kault Hill, west of Salmon Arm. This is not in the travelling portion of the highway but the crack has been coned off for public safety. Drivers can continue to use the main travel lane and geotechnical engineers have determined that it is safe for travellers.

“The primary reason for the cracking is the higher-than-normal amount of water that’s in the ground due to snow melt and above normal rainfall, combined with freezing and thawing conditions. Ministry engineers have assessed the crack to determine the fix and repairs will begin this week.

“We continue to encourage travellers to check DriveBC for updates.”

Asked if CP has any concerns about the railway below, a reply from CP Rail’s Salem Woodrow did not refer to any.

“CP and MoTI are well coordinated on this, and other issues which affect our respective rights of way. Coordination will continue as MoTI progresses its work on the highway.”

Kault Hill has seen its share of slides in recent history. In early November last year, a large chunk of rock broke off the cliff on the other side of the highway and rolled to a stop at the rest stop below. Two weeks later, boulders fell from the rock face. When an eastbound semi maneuvered to avoid them, it was struck by a minivan travelling west.