Enderby residents are urged to not run the tap as conservation efforts are mandatory. (photo submitted)

Enderby targets temporary water line

A state of local emergency was initiated Saturday due to an imminent loss of water

Efforts continue to minimize the water crisis in Enderby.

The city expects to start construction of a temporary water line across the Bawtree Bridge Tuesday.

“All of our approvals are in place and materials should arrive shortly,” said Tate Bengtson, chief administrative officer.

A state of local emergency was initiated Saturday due to an imminent loss of water.

The crisis arose because of high turbidity on the Shuswap River which led to a boil water advisory Friday, and a drinking water main being out of service since a break in April.

Residents and businesses west of the Bawtree Bridge are asked to take all steps to conserve water until further notice.

“The public has been doing a great job of conserving water, and we ask them to continue,” said Bengtson.

“Right now, river turbidity has decreased to the point that we are able to get water through our water treatment plant filtration system and are not shuttling as a result. However, the water does not meet Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines, so the boil water advisory remains in effect.”

The boil water advisory will be lifted once the temporary line has been tied in and the city has demonstrated that its system is producing acceptable drinking water and is free of bacteria.

“We are not optimistic about Thursday’s forecast and are anticipating a need to shuttle water once again, should the forecasted higher temperatures and rains prove accurate,” said Bengtson.