Lisa Jacques photo Integrity Roofing owner Josh Bickle congratulates Sicamous’ Rob Sutherland, who was selected to receive a new roof and gutters free of charge.

Over the moon with new, free roof

Sicamous’ Rob Sutherland selected to receive a new, free roof by Integrity Roofing.

Rob Sutherland is on top of the world instead of his roof, thanks to Integrity Roofing.

The Salmon Arm-based company recently selected Sutherland, of Sicamous, to be the recipient of a new, free roof.

The roofing was installed last Tuesday. And, because it’s Integrity’s 10th anniversary, they decided to include new gutters too, again, free of charge.

“I still can’t believe it, really,” said an elated Sutherland. “It’s not like I talked to them a whole lot. It’s just like, ‘hey you won, pick a colour.’ I sent an email and then they called and said, ‘see you on Tuesday,’ and then it was done that day – like in one day, done.”

This is the seventh year that Integrity Roofing owner Josh Bickle has sought to improve the life of a Shuswap resident in need of a new roof, but who may be unable to afford to get the work done themselves.

“The thing with Rob that I thought was so special… All the physical stuff that he’s had to go through personally, and the disabilities he’s had to conquer on his own,” said Bickle. “But to be able to put that behind him and spend his time coaching and stuff, we thought it was brilliant… He’s just a shining star in my opinion.”

Roof recipients are selected through a nomination process. Nominations must be made by someone other than the owner of the roof. Special consideration is given to someone who gives back to their community in some way, even though they may not have much themselves.

Sutherland’s nomination notes that he received organ transplants – liver and small bowel – around age 18, and is currently on disability for health issues, which now include a broken hip, something that occurred recently while refereeing a local hockey game.

“Rob is super involved in the community and has been coaching kids hockey and baseball. (He) also started coaching a hockey for a group of ladies and does broadcasting for the Sicamous Eagles.”

Bickle said Sutherland is just the kind of guy they look for.

“People that kind of see the light in things, see the good in things, that’s kind of why we picked him this year,” said Bickle.

Sutherland said he was going to attempt to redo his roof by himself, despite never having done it before, let alone doing it with a broken hip.

“I’m not one to push to the point where I’m doing things that I shouldn’t be,” said Sutherland. “But I’m definitely not going to just sit here and wait for it to all get better. So yeah, I shouldn’t be walking without a crutch right now, at least one crutch.”

Glad to spare Sutherland the task, Bickle considers Integrity Roofing’s annual roof giveaway as a way of giving back, of “paying it forward” – a desire Sutherland shares.

“I like to help people and I hope they can help me sometime when I need help…” said Sutherland, adding his drive to help people has intensified since going on disability. “I’ve worked my whole life, so it was really hard for me to accept and go on to disability. Now that I’m on disability, I kind of feel bad about it. Because I’m not working, I try even more to just put my time back into the community or whatever, you know… I don’t have a job so I should be able to do other stuff.”

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