Traffic was stopped briefly by police on the Trans-Canada Highway west of Shuswap Street on Thursday evening at approximately 5:30 p.m. One man was taken into custody. -Image credit: Jim Elliot/Salmon Arm Observer

UPDATE: Police convince suicidal man to drop knife

RCMP officers take man to hospital for treatment

A man who was threatening to commit suicide in the middle of the Trans-Canada Highway has been taken for medical treatment.

Just before 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 4, police received a call from a man who was threatening to take his own life.

The shirtless man was found by police on the meridian between the east and west lanes in the 300 block of the Trans-Canada, west of the Shuswap Street intersection.

A number of police officers attended the scene and the highway was closed temporarily to preserve public safety while Salmon Arm RCMP officers spoke with the man, who was in possession of a knife at the time.

After a period of time, the officers convinced the man to put down the knife.

They were then able to take him into custody and transport him to the hospital.

“The incident ended well in this case with no harm coming to the male, the officers or any other member of the general public,” said Staff Sgt. Scott West of the Salmon Arm RCMP.