Police tips for back to school

Staff Sergeant provides suggestions for keeping children safe.

  • Fri Sep 1st, 2017 1:30am
  • News

As the first day of school arrives, Staff Sgt. Scott West of the Salmon Arm RCMP offers some tips. He writes:

It is once again that time of year when families turn to the purchase of school supplies and excited youngsters turn their minds towards school.

With this time of year come the school zone speed limitations to keep these children safe.

Drivers, please be extra vigilant at this time of year as some children, in all their excitement, can be a little

absent-minded around traffic. Your caution might save a life.

The Salmon Arm RCMP Detachment will be making the rounds to the school zones and will be doing enforcement and

writing tickets to drivers who fail to heed the 30 km/hr school zone speed limit.

Fines in the Province of British Columbia start at $196 and range up to $253 for speeding in a school zone.

If you are found to be speeding excessively, then the fine is up to $483 accompanied by impoundment of your vehicle.

So please slow down.

For parents of children attending school, young and older alike, here are a few tips.

1. Plan a route with your children before school starts. A family walk is a great time to do this. It gives you as a parent

an opportunity to point out the stop signs and crosswalks to your children, and you might learn the footpaths your

children are using. Having a solid idea of the route your child will take to school is great when the principal calls and

tells you that the little doddler hasn’t made it in time for attendance.

2. Go over good general safety rules for the children, tell them what to watch for and tell them to make eye

contact with drivers at crosswalks.

3. Bright colored clothes are always a good idea too – a hat, a jacket or that all important backpack.

Find more tips on the RCMP website for heading back to school.