If the fields stay open, Timbits will resume at the Jackson campus field this Saturday.- Image credit: Observer file photo.

Rain subsides, sports fields reopen

Decision will be revisited only in case of ‘heavy, heavy rain.’

The on-again, off-again sports fields in Salmon Arm are on again.

Jason Chernoff, the city’s supervisor of sports and recreation, reports Monday morning that the fields are open again – except Little Mountain Field 3 and Blackburn Field 2, the lower one that isn’t finished.

Chernoff says the fields are still completely saturated, but there’s no standing water.

Any further decisions on the fields will be made day to day, depending on the water, he says, and he hopes they will now remain open indefinitely.

“I won’t check unless there’s a heavy, heavy downpour… “We just can’t follow the forecast any more. This weekend it was supposed to rain heavily but it didn’t.”