The Salmon River Bridge at the west end of Salmon Arm. - Photo credit: Google images.

Two trucks crash on bridge early Tuesday

Police report that one driver was ticketed for undue care and attention.

A collision on the Salmon River Bridge early Tuesday morning led to the temporary closure of the Trans-Canada Highway.

Salmon Arm RCMP report that the crash took place about 12:45 a.m.

An Ontario-registered truck with three occupants was heading west on the highway when an eastbound Alberta truck with a lone occupant crossed the centre line.

“As a result the vehicles collided,” states the police report. “The impact did extensive damage to both trucks but due to evasive action taken by the driver of the Ontario-registered vehicle, the impact force was greatly reduced. None of the

occupants of the vehicles were hospitalized.”

Police say their investigation, which included information from a witness who was travelling on the highway at the time,

resulted in a ticket for driving with undue care and attention to the male driver of the Alberta vehicle.