A Western grebe, who may be threatened by boats entering the protected areas of Salmon Arm Bay. File photo

Letter: Boat ban applies to all types of watercraft

The white buoys in Salmon Arm Bay mark a “No Go” zone for all watercraft, from April to September.

This includes kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes, as well as fishing boats and dragon boats.

The buoys are there to protect the grebe nesting area from disturbance.

It is a myth that they are there to mark shallow water and that it is OK for watercraft to enter the area.

Some waterfowl are easily disturbed from their nests. Kayaks and canoes have the same impact as larger boats.

In the last couple of weeks, I have observed the following, all well inside the buoys: kayaks, canoes, a fishing boat, and a dragon boat.

In previous years I have also seen paddleboarders in this area.

Please – pass the knowledge to your friends and visitors. There are enough challenges facing the grebes as it is.

Let’s not add to them by intruding on their space.

Sarah Weaver