Letter: Voters should take a closer look

Alex Atamanenko pens Letter to the Editor in response to a Trail Times article published Nov. 2.

I found it absurd that Al Shalm claimed the intelligence of the Interior of the province superior to that of the Lower Mainland just because the Interior tended to vote in favour of Christy Clark’s Liberals. I would suggest instead that the difference may have been based more on a lack of knowledge about the facts.

B.C. is facing many fiscal catastrophes. For example, BC Hydro owes $76 billion to independent power producers and BC Hydro paid these producers $672 million more than the market value for that power.

This is a contemptible, sweetheart deal that the Liberals have given to their corporate friends. And then, of course, there is the multi-billion-dollar environmental disaster Site ‘C’ dam that we do not need.

Remember way back in 2002 when some were up in arms about the $30 billion debt that the NDP government accumulated? Now, under Clark’s Liberals that debt has skyrocketed to $170 billion.

Under-staffing in care homes is widespread. Wait times to see doctors are getting longer. Laundry service at Kelowna hospital has been given to a private corporation and good-paying jobs with health benefits and pensions are lost, and the corporation is making a profit from our taxes. Education dollars were wasted on court cases that Clark eventually lost in the Supreme Court of Canada. An entire generation of students lost the opportunity to have a better education, especially students with special needs. Job creation is largely a fantasy.

I could go on for pages about the severe damage that the Liberals have done to B.C.

I sincerely hope that all the voters of B.C. will look more closely at the Liberal record before the next election, which could be sooner than we think.

Sharon Lethbridge