Margo Westaway

The pains, perfection and purpose of pollen

We always think of springtime as being a happy time because the coldest part of the year is finally over

Separating the dirt from soil

First, let’s get clear about the difference between “dirt” and “soil,” because just the sound of those words pretty well says it all.

Do the heavens and nature really sing?

Seeking out silence in this modern, noisy world can be a real challenge, but some things are under our control

Spring bulbs make their return

Ah, spring has sprung in the Shuswap and everything is awakening with life again.

Anyone can be a gardener

Des Kennedy describes gardeners this way in his funny book Crazy About Gardening: “In my opinion, most gardeners are nuts.

Unravelling winter robin mystery

When I spot a robin huddling in a snowy tree while out on my daily strolls, I often wonder why some of them are still hanging around

A good time to turn a new leaf

Winter at last gives us a reprieve from our busy garden duties and allows us a quiet and peaceful time to just look out the window

A whole host of funny facts about the flea circus

I was absent-mindedly scratching my head, attempting to come up with something light or funny for the holiday column

A little history about holiday holly

This is the fun but busy time of year when we’re out shopping, socializing and decorating our digs both inside and out with pretty ornaments

Gardener explores Mexico

My mom and I had a week to spend with my daughter again for her school break, so a call to the travel agent…

Making a toast to the grape harvest

The celebration of Thanksgiving dinner can often give us an opportunity to share our stories of the harvest from both young and old

The many faces of the moon

“In the days before tractor lights, the lamp of the harvest moon which illuminated the fields... helped farmers to gather their crops.”

The invasion of the stink bugs

Isn’t early fall a great time of year? The air is still warm and the lakes are still swimable for the tougher types.

Trees with spiritual significance

One of the most pleasant ways to find relief from the hot sun is to park yourself under the cool and protective umbrella of a shade tree

Attitudes towards animals

The thrill of the hunt still is the blood sport of kings, the fat cats and the ones that can occasionally spring for it.

Lawns becoming hostile territory

Those ignoring the water restrictions in Vancouver are now being called a ‘grasshole.’

Fires can be beneficial

We all know the terrible impacts these wildfires have on humans and critters, but how do they affect the soil and plants?

Gardening in the slow lane

Why is it that the Universe seemingly punishes me when I go off to play for a few days

When nature turns off the tap

I try to be upbeat and even a little funny when I type these columns, but now I’m going to be a bit of a drip and get serious.

Small changes, big difference

Every day can be Earth Day and if ‘shift’ needs to happen, then we can all help make it happen