Margo Westaway

Taking a look at the litter layer

Nature’s gardens are classified into layers: the ‘L’ litter layer is the top, undecayed layer of dead plant material…

The important role of gardeners and farmers

Imagine what our lives throughout history would be like without the farmers, gardeners and landscapers?

In praise of pits, nuts and seeds

Do you remember when the first seedless watermelons and grapes came out in the grocery store or the first pit-less peach?

Poinsettia has historical roots

One of the Christmas traditions we all love is to own or give a beautiful poinsettia.

Trials of a grounded gardener

A few years ago, my friend gave me a gift with an inscription on it that read: “At Peace in my Garden.”

Honouring our beautiful trees

So many precious trees (and lives) are lost during big storms, tornadoes, flooding and fires that ravage the earth every year.

Climate has impact on the colour of fall leaves

Beautiful fall colours are starting to appear on some of our trees and I can’t wait to rake all those leaves up for this year’s compost pile

Why kids grow like weeds

I’m always amazed by how much kids morph and grow over the two short months of summer.

Mats great cover-up for mistakes

Now it’s time for a commercial break to bring to your attention a good product I use to successfully put out my “garden fires.”

Rainy days and Shuswap gardens

The Shuswap Market News welcomes gardening columnist Margo Westaway to our pages.