Serena Caner

Many ordinary, cheap foods qualify for ‘superfood’ status

My father-in-law is what I would refer to as a food faddist. He’s always into a new trend –

To help fuel a healthy heart and brain, try some Omega-3

Omega 3 refers to three fatty acids: ALA, EPA and DHA, which our body requires to function properly.

When it comes to fat, enjoy your vices in moderation

Healthy Bites: One area where we, as health professionals, have done a good job at confusing the public is on the topic of fat.

Strength training can counter the effects of middle age spread

When people come to my office, they are always surprised at how, over the years, they have gained weight.

Should we re-think treat trails?

Given what we know about the impact of large amounts of sugar should we try to phase candy out of Halloween tradition?

We can be thankful for food

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful, and one thing to be grateful for in the Shuswap is food.

Back to school, back to lunches

Healthy Bites

Don’t sabotage your salad

What is it about salad that makes us feel healthy?

Book oversimplifies why we get fat

One of the myths prevalent in our society is that body size…

Gluten-free doesn’t mean healthier

A growing trend at grocery stores and bakeries is products marked “gluten-free.” …

Children mimic eating patterns

“I don’t like that!”  This has been my two-year-old niece’s response to…

Life lessons learned in garden

When we moved into our first house, I had big ambitions about…

It’s worth braving the bean

What food has the most nutrient value for your dollar? Legumes are…

Can you put the blame on carbs?

First of all, let me state my bias: I love carbs. Bread,…

Brown a better bet for rice

My husband summed up most people’s feeling about brown rice when he…

Yet another reason to avoid bacon

Everybody loves bacon- fatty, salty, crispy – what more could you ask…