Business ideas for Chase welcome Nov. 19

The future of Chase is being considered by a group of business owners with some big ideas.

The future of Chase is being considered by a group of business owners with some big ideas.

Once a month, a group of Chase business owners have been gathering together to take part in a brainstorming session.

It’s a time when they decide the direction that they want to see their village head, what it is missing and what could be enhanced.

While the group features a variety of people, they all have one thing in common – they want to see Chase grow.

Their ideas aim to provide more for the residents already living in Chase, as well as attract more.

The group’s initial ideas covered multiple pages and included everything from an annual soap box derby, water ski tours, a full week of Chase Country Christmas and a village market.

One common theme they discovered was that the area needs more family oriented activities.

The ideas are meant to attract new residents and possibly businesses to the area. But they are also meant to motivate those already living in Chase to stay.

The new initiative also aims to attract more tourists to the area and keep them here for longer visits.

The group believes that Chase already has a lot to offer, and many agree that they would like to keep the close-knit, small town feel.However, the group has taken on the responsibility of breathing new life into the area, organizing community events for all ages and achieving some enhancements.

The group has discussed such things as getting a more community-minded policing service, infrastructure development projects designed to generate revenue for local government coffers beyond tax-based revenue and organizing more central marketing of events and activities taking place in Chase.

The group of brainstormers would also like to see more camping facilities and the creation of community ambassadors to promote the local area along with its business and services.

It supports new business development and promote improved services and upgraded appearance to those businesses already in the area.

The brainstorming sessions are an ongoing event, with a different focus each month.

Those who think they have some ideas to share, or who would simply like to hear more of what is happening are invited to attend the next meeting scheduled for Nov. 19 at 7 p.m. in the Art Holding Memorial Arena’s mezzanine area.

The topic being discussed is how Chase can benefit from the major opportunity offered by the 2014 Salmon Run. The event, which is expected to be another record breaking year for both salmon and tourists, could provide some very exciting economic benefits.