Tessa Elise photo                                Nicole Albisser (second from left) is in the process of setting up a stand-up paddleboarding school for kids.

Tessa Elise photo Nicole Albisser (second from left) is in the process of setting up a stand-up paddleboarding school for kids.

Paddleboard school pursued

Space wanted at Beach Park for SUPKids school

Nicole Albisser wants to take her passion for stand-up paddle-boarding to the next level with Sicamous-based school for kids.

Last year, Albisser started her own business teaching stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). For next year, she’s planning on starting a SUPKids school in the community.

Originating in Australia, SUPKids began in 2014 as a stand-up paddleboarding program for kids. Over time, the program expanded to include water safety and environmental education. In the process, SUPKids schools began sprouting up world over.

“I just feel there’s a beautiful way of showing kids how to get active in nature and, at the same time, getting to love it so they learn to take care of it,” said Albisser. “I just feel that generation is the one we can reach to make this happen, to make a change that we take care of the place.”

SUPKids programs are developed for kids ages 5 to12. Albisser said she is currently in training to become a qualified SUPKids coach.

“We’re super picking when it comes to setting up new schools, so you can be sure your kids are taught by the very best,” states the SUPKids website at sup-kids.com.

In addition to SUPKids classes, Albisser wants to offer SUP yoga classes and workshops, as well as retreats.

With her current paddleboard business, Albisser operates from her home.

“I would have to be somewhere where I can run these programs, because these programs are not only for paddleboard but also environmental teachings and water safety stuff,” she said.

Albisser recently made a presentation to District of Sicamous staff and council, to see if there is any interest in providing a place at, or near Beach Park where she could store her boards and have a daily presence throughout the summer, or allowing a trailer at the park from which the school could be based.

“I actually just need a storage place so I can work directly from there,” said Albisser. “I’ll be more visible right, and be there more likely throughout the day as an actual business, rather than just come there for my one class and disappear again.”

“So yeah, they were very open to it and they thought it was a nice, a good idea.”


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