Sowing seeds for reforestation in Salmon Arm

A new nursery near the Salmon Arm Airport expects to harvest the first seedlings in 2017.

Brett Barnard

Brett Barnard

Seedlings that will be an important part of reforestation projects will soon be grown in Salmon Arm.

The Mount Ida Nursery’s greenhouses are under construction, at a property near  the Salmon Arm Airport.

The nursery’s first harvest of seedlings are  expected in fall 2017.

The nursery will produce primarily Interior Douglas Fir, Lodgepole Pine, Western Larch, Western Red Cedar and Interior Spruce.

Nursery owner Brett Barnard estimated the capacity of the nursery’s eight greenhouses at two-million seedlings. If the first harvest goes well Barnard said there is room to expand the nursery with more greenhouses on the property.

Barnard said the nursery would employ seven or eight people for sowing and as many as 14 for the harvest in fall 2017.