Serena Caner, registered dietician

Serena Caner, registered dietician

Column: Break out your bicycle

By Serena Caner, Observer contributor

“Bike to Work Week” is May 28-June 2nd

The first time I took an interest in cycling was in grade eleven, when my crush mentioned he was joining the mountain bike team.

I showed up to the first try-out with my rigid commuter bike. The coach had made a course that included going over a small log.

Not yet understanding the physics of mountain biking, I pedaled full-force, hitting the log straight-on. My body continued its forward motion, landing on the crossbar of my bike. Needless to say, I did not make the team (or get the guy).

However, I did continue riding my bike, commuting to school, and it has been an activity I have enjoyed ever since.

There are many advantages to biking besides being good for the environment and your health. Bikes don’t cost you any money at the gas station.

You don’t have to parallel park a bike.

You can’t get a parking ticket. You don’t have to pay for insurance. However, I can already hear the excuses being conjured in your head: there are too many hills (agreed!), I am too slow for my partner, I don’t want to arrive at my destination all sweaty, my knees get too sore.

While these may be legitimate complaints, there is a solution: the electric-assist bike.

The electric-assist bike is similar to a regular bike, but has a battery that you can turn on at any point to assist your own pedaling.

The battery can last about 100 km and can be recharged in a regular household electric outlet. Using an e-bike is not cheating because even with the assist, you still have to pedal.

It enables people of all fitness levels to bike easily around hilly environments like Salmon Arm and arrive to their destination less sweaty. And they are super fun.

Next week is Bike to Work Week, and I challenge you all to take your bikes out of the garage, pump up the tires, oil the chains and take it for a test ride.

If cycling seems daunting, consider trying an electric bikes and see what a difference it makes!