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From the Archives

From the archives

A weekly look back on Salmon Arm’s history

1913 The approaching completion of the waterworks system has awakened interest in the formation of a properly organized fire brigade and at the request of those responsible for the movement, the Observer gives publicity to the act. A large skating rink on the school grounds is being put by D. F. Wright. The winter sports season is a little late, compared with other years, but work is progressing rapidly and the rink should be ready as soon as the weather improves.

1918 It is absolutely not necessary for anyone in this community to wander out of their home town in order to purchase suitable Christmas gifts this year, and there is no better time in which to make a transaction than right now. Never before did the stores in Salmon Arm present such a picturesque appearance than they do this year, and never before did people here have a larger or finer selection of goods from which to make their decision.

1923 Mr. J. Fosmo had a nasty accident. While shoeing a horse, one of the animal’s feet became tangled in the blacksmith’s apron, and the horse stepped on Mr. Fosmo’s face, causing injuries necessitating stitches over the left eye. It is not thought that the eyesight will be affected.

1928 There should be a few odd rubbers to be found on Shuswap Street after Monday’s mud. Those who attempted crossing near the SAFE found the going pretty sticky.

1933 Salmon Arm parents can well be proud of their youngsters who are attenders of the Mission Band under the supervision of Mrs. C. R. Beer and her assistants, Mrs. Pearce and Miss Dolly Woodman. On Friday evening, they staged their second Christmas concert, and the large audience was evidence of the interest being taken in their work. Master Bobby Labron made a very efficient chairman for the evening, and an enjoyable and instructive time was had by all.