Region’s 4-H offers wide opportunities

The BC 4-H program continues to provide our youth aged six to 21 years with both an exciting and life skill building program.

Nearly 100 years old, the BC 4-H program continues to provide our youth aged six to 21 years with both an exciting and life skill building program.

More than 3,000 young people between the ages of six and 21 years, along with thousands of volunteer leaders, families, alumni and sponsors make up our current B.C. 4-H program.

Members enjoy monthly meetings, field trips, judging competitions, youth seminars and can be awarded travel opportunities.

Monthly meetings encourage a better understanding of parliamentary procedure stemming from meeting format and election of officers, president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, public relations and safety officer. Members are required to prepare an oral presentation, developing confidence for the future when individuals interview for jobs, post-secondary education opportunities and community involvement.

As well detailed record book keeping skills become an asset later in life. Record books include dated entries describing project development, interesting field trips, public speaking results, judging results, travel opportunities and photographs.

A wide range of projects provide an amazing, exciting and challenging occasion for each 4-H member. Projects to choose from include: Adopt a Grandparent, Agroforestry, Aquaculture, Beef, Bicycle, Cavy, Clothing, Crafts, Dairy, Dogs, Environment, Field Crops, Foods, Gardening, Goat, Honeybee, Horse, Leather Craft, Llama, Outdoor Living, Photography, Poultry, Rabbit, Sheep, Small Engines, Swine, Tractor and Wool Craft.

The entire family of a 4-H member can be involved in the learning experiences associated with the chosen project, rally day, fall fairs and club field trips.

“As a key leader (eight years), past 4-H leader (six years) and past member (10 years), I can recall many happy, rewarding memories with friends, families and fairs,” says Joni DeWitt, key leader.

The Salmon Arm District 4-H Council is inviting you to check out 4-H in your community. Visit the BC 4-H website at for more details or call DeWitt, at 250-836-4206 for more information on local clubs.

“We sincerely hope that not only children but also adults now have experience working with one of the above mentioned projects will be motivated to enrich the lives of the next generation by becoming a volunteer.”