Pfc. Loren Rasplica, 1944

Pfc. Loren Rasplica, 1944

Remembrance Day: Letter from overseas offers reassurance

Donna Rasplica of Salmon Arm shares letter written by father Loren Rasplica

Donna Rasplica of Salmon Arm shared this photo of her father, Loren Rasplica, who served with the U.S. Army and fought in Europe.

Loren served in the 2nd Battalion of the 410th Regiment in the 103rd Infantry Division of the Seventh U.S. Army.

Included with the photo was a list of rations and a V-Mail letter written by Rasplica while in France. It is dated Jan. 4, 1945, and addressed to Mrs. Loren D. Rasplica. It reads as follows:


I’m trying this V-mail, air-mail to see if it will get to you any faster. After reading that newspaper clipping about the 103rd, I hardly blame you for being worried so I’d like to reassure you.

I feel guilty about having you feel so worried when for quite a while now I’ve been warm and comfortable and perhaps in no more danger than if I were crossing the street at home. Since I’ve been here I haven’t ever fired a single round of ammunition at a German, in fact, the only ones I ever see are prisoners. The fellows who really carry the brunt of every kind of danger and discomfort are the ones in the rifle companies so slip in a prayer now and then for them – I do. I’d give my rations to one of those boys anytime if I found one who was hungry.

As the Tribune said, I was in Germany for awhile but am now back in France.

I’ll write a regular airmail letter and in that way we’ll see which is faster.

Now that I have explained how things are, do you feel better. The greatest thing we have to fear is the separation.

All my love,


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Remembrance Day


A letter written by Pfc. Loren Rasplica while serving overseas.

A letter written by Pfc. Loren Rasplica while serving overseas.

Ration list

Ration list