Sheilah Land was an outstanding supporter of the Salmon Arm Transition House. (Contributed)

Sheilah Land was an outstanding supporter of the Salmon Arm Transition House. (Contributed)

Salmon Arm Transition House pays tribute to dedicated supporter

Sheilah Land’s thoughtfulness was witnessed and appreciated for many years

A Salmon Arm woman who died recently is being remembered with much appreciation by the Salmon Arm Transition House.

Sheilah Land passed away in June and her obituary lists one of her attributes as “a fierce supporter of the local Women’s Shelter.”

Jane Shirley, executive director of the SAFE Society, agrees with that description.

“Sheilah contributed to the SAFE Society Transition House (Women’s Shelter) program for many years and was always there to meet the needs of the women and children we served. Sheilah ensured that we always had fresh food, gift cards and gifts for families that came into the shelter all throughout the year,” Shirley wrote.

Shirley provided a list of a few of the many ways she contributed.

She provided: grocery and meat orders to the shelter; cleaning supplies; watches, bracelets and earrings for gifts; mindfulness books; sleds for the children; gifts and chocolates at Christmas and Easter for everyone in the house; watermelons and ice cream treats on hot days; and much more.

“Sheilah would often call when there was a sale of pots pans or dishes and ask if we had anyone who would need these items,” Shirley wrote. “She was a great support to staff who always found her cheerful, kind and great to talk to. Sheilah was always interested in the people working at the Transition House and made everyone feel as important as the job that they do. We appreciated her for that.”

Shirley said her kindness reached many and she will be greatly missed.

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