Cate Currie was recognized as two of the Shuswap’s outstanding community leaders in the 2021 Salmon Arm Top 20 Under 40 program. (Contributed)

Cate Currie was recognized as two of the Shuswap’s outstanding community leaders in the 2021 Salmon Arm Top 20 Under 40 program. (Contributed)

Salmon Arm’s Top 20 Under 40: Cate Currie

Program recognizes young community leaders in the Shuswap

The Salmon Arm Observer presents Cate Currie, one of 20 young community leaders recognized in Salmon Arm’s inaugural Top 20 Under 40 program.


Gratitude is more than a business name for our next Top 20 Under 40 award recipient; it’s a way of living.

Cate Currie is a mother to three beautiful humans, a wife, an artist and illustrator and the co-owner of Gratitude Yoga Inc.

Currie grew up in southern Alberta with her mom and dad and visited the Shuswap each year to spend time with relatives. She knew this area was where she wanted to build her adult life, and when the universe allowed her to move here, she did. Currie and her husband now work the small farm which has been in her family for four generations. She is rooted here and is grateful for not only the history of the land they live on but for the story her family will continue to write over the years.

Alongside her family life, Currie has also built a multi-faceted and rewarding career in our small city. She connects to the world through her digital art and yoga practice, and is inspired by the hearts and minds of those she creates for and collaborates with.

Currie first came to yoga to navigate her mental health needs while dealing with postpartum depression. The impact on her physical and mental health was profound. Before long, she began teaching as a form of community care. She saw how small doable steps every day could have an enormous effect on a person’s life and knew that holding space for yoga would benefit many.

Currie, and co-owner Erin Ferguson, have created a safe and inclusive space for residents to practice self-care. Gratitude Yoga Inc. is accessible to all, and each day Currie works to break the stigma that is so often seen within fitness spaces. You don’t need to be any particular type of person to take care of yourself. You only need to show up.

Managing the many challenges of business ownership hasn’t always been easy for Currie. Self-doubt can feel crippling, and being her own cheerleader can be difficult. But rather than hiding those feelings away, Currie brings a refreshing honesty to her work team and her clients. The balancing act of business, family, protocol and mandates, affects us all. Currie lets others know that it’s normal to have bad days, and by being her authentic self, she permits others to feel the same.

The relationships she develops and how she shows up truthfully, day after day, impact all those around her. It’s nearly impossible to talk with Currie and not walk away inspired.

Currie remains exceptionally grateful for the support network around her. The community has been incredible, especially while her new businesses navigated the never-ending COVID-19 protocols. But with the struggle came an opportunity; Gratitude soon partnered with other community groups to move classes into the community when the community couldn’t come to the studio. In those challenging times, finding a way to connect, center and process was invaluable.



Salmon Arm’s Top 20 Under 40 program was launched this year by Dustin Serviss, of Serviss Wealth Management, in partnership with the Salmon Arm Economic Development Society and the Salmon Arm Chamber of Commerce, to acknowledge outstanding individuals, role models, mentors and community builders over the age of 18 and under 40.

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