David Lepsoe Mayoral candidate

David Lepsoe Mayoral candidate

David Lepsoe defeats contenders for mayor’s chair in Chase

Preliminary results show Jane Herman, Colin Connett, Fred Torbohm, Ron Harder elected councillors

Preliminary results show David Lepsoe has been elected mayor of Chase with 52.9 per cent of the vote.

He defeated Steve Scott, who had 41.6 per cent and Allan Fenton in third place.

In 2018, Lepsoe was narrowly defeated in his bid for mayor by winner Rod Crowe, with just 11 votes separating them.

Elected councillors are Jane Herman, with a whopping 85.9 per cent of the vote, then Colin Connett with 59.6 per cent of votes cast, Fred Torbohm with 50.8 per cent and Ron Harder with 45.3 per cent.

A total of 995 ballots were cast out of an estimated 2,047 eligible voters.

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