Salmar Grand offers new closed-captioning system

Salmar Grand offers new closed-captioning system

Device helps those with hearing impairment follow dialogue on the big screen

Movies at the Salmar Grand are more accessible thanks to a newly acquired wireless closed-captioning system.

While the theatre already had a listening system in place for those who with hearing issues, Salmar Grand general manager Daila Duford said it doesn’t address more extreme cases of hearing impairment.

“So we invested in what’s called a CaptiView closed-captioning system, which is a little screen that attaches to this long arm that fits into your cup holder,” explained Duford.

The device is installed by theatre staff and can be angled by the viewer. The louvered screen is small and unobtrusive as the lighted text can only be seen by the individual viewer. It displays a movie’s spoken dialogue as well as text indicating song and sound effects.

Duford said over the past year or so she has received quite a few requests for the technology, which is mandatory in U.S. movie theatres and is seeing increased adoption by their Canadian counterparts.

“So it was time for the Salmar to get on board,” said Duford. “We want to make sure that everybody can come and enjoy the movie.”

Duford said two of the devices are available for use only at the Salmar Grand.

“People who want to use them, they can either email through the website ahead of time if they want to reserve it, or just ask at the concession counter and we can get them set up with one,” said Duford.

For more information, or to reserve a CaptiView device, visit or call 250-832-2263.


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A wireless closed captioning system now available at the Salmar Grand will help moviegoers with hearing impairment follow the dialogue on the big screen. (Lachlan Labere/Salmon Arm Observer)