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Letter: B.C. Lottery tax grab way out of hand

Writer supports smaller cash prizes for more people

If one of the aspiring political candidates was ever to want my vote, they just need to say they are willing to change the lottery system addiction tax grab that has gotten out of hand in Canada.

I go into town daily for my my newspaper and am always standing in a line up waiting for people to get their fix of lottery tickets. In the beginning, just having the 6/49 was fine, but it has exploded, and government created this madness.

It’s mostly seniors trying to get out of the hole left by a lack of pension funding.

B.C. casinos are just cheap, wanna-be Vegas tax grabs where again, the target is seniors.

But not this one.

Look at how many disabled parking spots there are at the casino here in town. There are no gaming tables like in Vegas where there is social interaction. Instead, it’s single game electronic slots famous for having the worst payouts.

I’ve seen people pay out more for their lottery tickets at pension cheque times while going through the till than a plane ticket would cost to fly to Vegas.

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The first politician who suggests we go to one lotto ticket for all, paying back certain amounts every week that are taken in will get my vote. This madness needs to be curtailed and is costing society much more than money.

Having 450 people winning a million dollars each is so much better than one person winning $50 million. What the heck would I do with a million? What ever would $50 million do to my life? I wouldn’t want that much ever as I could never live long enough to deal with it. It’s all about the dream, a dream that may become a nightmare.

I think politicians are afraid to take that dream away from their voters. So sad.

Bob White

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