Letter: Grateful for Shuswap’s search and rescue volunteers

Letter: Grateful for Shuswap’s search and rescue volunteers

Writer expresses gratitude for selfless members of rescue organization

Given the current perilous threat imposed by this COVID-19 virus, we Shuswap folks need, and are blessed to be served by a most brave, kind and capable group of first responders.

We must not ignore nor under appreciate the depth of service they are providing to us. In that regard, I wish to highlight and express my strong admiration and respect for our Shuswap Volunteer Search and Rescue team.

They are a brave, caring, skilled and committed team of frontline workers. When we urgently need them, they are there for us, regardless of location, time, weather conditions, challenge or danger. They are precious volunteers who get called out at a moment’s notice. Often, this is at some inconvenience and interruption of desired, needed family obligations, rest and relaxation time and other commitments.

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They work hard to train and improve their search and rescue skills and knowledge. So they can be at their best when we need them. They are our family, our friends, our neighbours, our co-workers – the community’s best of us.

They work under the authority and support of the provincial government and the RCMP (whom we also need to gratefully recognize).

I offer this message as a tribute to our SAR group, with the understanding and appreciation I hold, having served with them for some 12 years, many years ago. We need to thank and support our brave warriors and hope they stay safe and well.

Be strong, be safe, be kind and be well my brothers and sisters. We need you, we love you!

Roger Meunier

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