Letter: Leaflets a way of opening eyes to vaccine alternatives

Writer defends option of disseminating information

RE: Leaflets found in North Okanagan newspapers

Sadly, if there is no opportunity for all sides to be heard, and there are various perfectly scientific angles to this debate, then we either remain part smart, or see imaginative ways of broadening the debate.

It is, frankly, the fault of dictatorial censorship of any debate of cures other than vaccines!

To date, vaccines against past corona viruses (remember the swine flu?) have been ineffective. Indeed even dangerous. Numerous doctors around the world are curing patients with cheaper and simpler protocols. Why can’t we discuss these in the media? They certainly are not ineffective. And many are simple homeopathic remedies, such as the Cuban combination, as well as in parts of India. South Korea and other Asian states, including China, have used remedies that work, rather than wait for the expensive and possibly dangerous and ineffective vaccines.

But of course few of these remedies will make Big Pharma the billions that vaccines would.

As for leafletting: Back in 2005, some of us used this, and blanket mailings, to inform our fellow citizens of proposals that would have dumped sewage from future developments into Shuswap Lake. It worked, and our wonderful lake was saved — at least for the time being. No one even suggested that our democratic right should be considered illegal.

I hope Canada is not becoming more like China as far as liberty is concerned.

Eva Lyman

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