Letter: No shortage of areas to be replanted, but lack of planning and budget for it

Writer responds to concerns around old-growth deferrals

Re: Old growth harvest deferrals create stress, uncertainty for Salmon Arm tree grower

First of all, the logging – even of the areas supposedly marked for preservation – continues unchecked. Even during the 30 day period proposed for consideration.

Second, the area suggested is in fact much less than was previously touted for preservation.

Third, there is no shortage of areas that should be replanted, having been logged or burned. What there is is a shortage of planning and a budget for it.

This is a totally different issue from the insane desire to cut down the last of the big trees “because we can.”

And once they are gone, what then? Procrastination is never a good idea. If something is worth doing, putting it off doesn’t make it any better.

Fourth, the cost of infrastructure and flooding repairs is going to far exceed whatever profit could be gained, even without considering the massive subsidies that loggers in B.C. get from the taxpayer.

Some folks still haven’t learned anything from the landslides and washouts that have destroyed our transportation network following deforestation. Maybe some never will. That happens, but just because “someone has a job” doesn’t mean that it is a good idea.

Otherwise, genocide and murder would be a “good thing” because funeral directors have jobs burying people.

Richard Smiley

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