Letter: Questions about South Shuswap incorporation

Letter: Questions about South Shuswap incorporation

Writer encourages readers to ask their own of CSRD proposal

On Dec. 12, I attended a Blind Bay/Sorrento incorporation meeting.

Public attendance was sparse (smaller than the committee size), and why anyone would call meetings in mid-December is baffling.

After electing a chairperson, the public was treated to a lengthy rehash of a consultant’s report previously submitted to committee.

I’ve been to more exciting events as for a while it appeared the meeting highlight might would be free Tim Hortons coffee and cookies.

Fortunately, that changed with a few, well thought-out questions from the audience.

Why did the public not have input into drafting boundaries for these two communities (areas C1 and C2)?

For instance, one boundary runs down the centre of a street, placing neighbours on one side in a different jurisdiction from those on the other side.

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Why are ALR residents who have already provided their own services forced into areas where they have to pay again? Who came up with the idea that if incorporation is vetoed, area C must be divided — as opposed to remaining as is?

If Area C is too much for one Columbia Shuswap Regional District director, why not appoint a second? The reply: This would never work; two directors might not agree on a decision. So why not have one director (decision maker) and a work assistant?

What was the “spark” that instigated the idea of incorporation? A long treatise was provided by our director advising how this was a “grassroots movement” tossed around by our respective communities for many years, resulting in the 2017 study.

I personally don’t buy that explanation and suspect a different origin.

Still, a worthwhile suggestion was agreed upon. CSRD’s website will now contain a section for questions and answers to enable more public input.

So residents, please ask your questions.

Ken Smith

Blind Bay