Letter: Questions to CSRD on proposed Centennial Field purchase

Letter: Questions to CSRD on proposed Centennial Field purchase

Regional district to host public meeting on Sept. 12.

Apparently a Columbia Shuswap Regional District informational meeting will be organized for Area C (South Shuswap) to answer questions. Some questions we want answered include:

1. Why wasn’t an informational meeting held before CSRD’s purchase offer?

2. Why did CSRD not entertain Jack Barker’s offer, to donate this very land for free?

3. Why was Jack not permitted to present his offer at a CSRD meeting?

4. Why would anyone pay $700,000 more than appraised value for any land? Terry Barker and Area C Director Paul Demenok attempt to make ‘light’ of the appraisal. Having worked with numerous appraisers, they are accredited professionals who risk losing accreditation if they are not accurate. That is why one hires them, regardless of the size of any back up offer. Paying $700,000 over appraised value, for land offered free, now costing us $2.77 million (not including development costs), doesn’t add up. Thankfully Greenland is not for sale!

5. Why doesn’t CSRD conduct town hall meetings and ask what we want, instead of assuming? Do they realize how many marginal and single parent families live in this area and what their needs are? Ask the Sorrento Food bank. They will tell you! It isn’t higher taxes.

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6. Why doesn’t CSRD advocate for better roads and maintenance, lower gas prices, etc.? Maybe this isn’t their jurisdiction, but they are our voice; so represent us!

7. Why did CSRD use the AAP (alternative approval process) for a serious matter during summer months, when not recommended by the AAP Guide? Saving $28,000 in referendum costs against a $3,000,000 commitment. Hmm.

8. Why no email voting allowed, considering the numerous accidents and fatalities this summer on the Trans-Canada? We know why!

Ken Smith


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