Letter: Salmon Arm coffee consumer dismayed by lack of adherence to COVID-19 restrictions

Writer urges following government protocols to help curtail latest variant

The CBC news each hour reminds us that we must take the new Omicron variant seriously.

If possible, we should curtail travel plans and follow government protocols if we want to curtail (or slow down) the spread of this contagious virus.

For the past month I have endeavored to find a coffee shop in Salmon Arm that enforces those protocols that are pasted on the doors of all business establishments in our little hamlet.

I believe that the owners and staff are intimidated by this small group of anti-maskers (and possibly antivaxxers). When in Vancouver last month I stepped into a coffee shop on Denman to escape a coastal downpour and proceeded to put on my 3-layer mask. Before I could retrieve it out of my raincoat pocket I was greeted with a chorus of baristas hollering: “Get your mask on!”

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I, and several members of my bubble are immune compromised and would like to see the shop owners take responsibility of their establishments and remind this minuscule group of social delinquents that in Salmon Arm: “No masks, no shirts, no shoes – no service.”

Until then, I will pull my own espresso shots in the safety of my own home and the outliers will win again.

Duncan Morris

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