Letter: Salmon Arm senior ponders priorities and his place in line for vaccination

Fighting cancer, writer skeptical about odds of receiving vaccine sooner than later

As I watch the immunization program being rolled out, I like many others wonder what my place will be in line?

At age 66, I won’t qualify for some time.

I have chosen not to go into a home but rather live in my own home while I fight cancer. So I won’t qualify again. Since having my immune system ruined as a result of my chemo treatments a couple years ago, I’ve been living with best practices for hygiene well before COVID. I notice now that if I was an inmate in a federal prison, I would able to get a shot ahead of most other Canadians. That, along with a warm bed and three squares a day, all paid for by the Canadian taxpayer at a cost of over $65,000 annually. What’s wrong with this picture?

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Bob White

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