Letter: Scrap South Shuswap incorporation study

Letter: Scrap South Shuswap incorporation study

Writer argues province, businesses, residents already financially stressed

Re: Columbia Shuswap Regional District puts South Shuswap incorporation study on hold.

Why put the incorporation study on hold? Put it in the scrap heap of COVID-19!

Does anybody seriously want more administration studies and costs, or to risk higher taxes, when: our Provincial coffers are already over-extended, small businesses may fold and many people are unemployed and could be facing loss of their homes, vehicles, etc.?

We aren’t even through the first wave yet and already the effects of high unemployment are starting to be felt in many provinces and communities. A disruption of this magnitude does not mean that all things stay ‘static,’ and one can simply pick up where you left off. Give your heads a shake.

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With months having passed since the last incorporation meetings (realistically with little or no practical public input), and considering that many facts and figures have either changed or are in the process of change, should common sense not dictate that continuing with this process is a waste of tax payer dollars? Would ongoing study dollars spent on experts not be better utilized by buttressing up local health care, the food bank, shelters for the homeless, etc.?

There is an old saying: When caught in a storm, don’t rock the boat, or change directions.

Our country, our continent, the world is in a storm, and you want to consider changing directions? Take the vote today. I can assure you it won’t be any different than the outcome six months or a year from now (with or without hearings). Nor do Area C residents miss the higher taxes that an intended $3,700,000 park purchase would have brought, much less its subsequent cleanup and development!

Ken Smith,

Blind Bay

Columbia Shuswap Regional District