Author explores concept of after-death communication

Workshop participants will examine the power of death to separate us from those we love.

In her book, Parting the Veils of Separation, local author Alida Hilbrander explores the power of death to separate us from those we love.

On April 15, Hilbrander will present a workshop at the SAGA Public Art Gallery in which participants will pursue the continuity of consciousness beyond what we perceive with our everyday senses.

“We will do this from perspectives of after the separation of death when we communicate with loved ones, based on universal laws which create that potential,” she says. “We will discover that the same unity of life also surrounds us in the natural kingdom.”

Hilbrander says participants will get in touch with dimensions in which people live in their everyday world, as well as with dimensions that interpenetrate more subtle levels of awareness.

The day-long workshop will conclude with a 75-minute film, The Path – Afterlife, which reveals the personal experiences of 12 professionals in after-death communication.

Hilbrander says there is no separation after death other than what we create ourselves.

“There is nothing new about this topic,” she says. “Connecting with loved ones after death is a very common experience that has been part of life in ancient civilizations, such as the Greek, the Egyptians, the Sumerians, and more recently Amazonian, Maya, and other so-called primitive civilizations.”

Hilbrander says modern peoples have become so focused on what we can experience with our five senses and define that as reality.

“What we experience with our intuition and deeper awareness is considered not-so-cool, and when we do talk about experiences of connecting with loved ones or other beings whom we do not perceive with our physical senses, we are considered a bit soft in the head,” she says.

Hilbrander’s workshop runs from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sunday, April 15 at the SAGA Art Gallery.

Cost of the workshop is $45 for adults and $35 for students and seniors. Pre-registration is required and can be accomplished by calling 250-835-4896, or email explores concept of after-death communication