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Harmoni Pendant Reviews - Safe Wearable EMF Blocker Protection Against Radiation?

Do you ever feel as though there are too many electrical devices around you? It appears the use of these devices may have an impact on general health. We are not surprised by this given that there are over 200 billion connected smart gadgets, 3.8 billion smartphones, millions of mobile towers, and WiFi, to say the least. Given that EMF essentially covers the whole surface of our planet, it shouldn’t come as news that such radiation may interfere with the body’s electrical impulses.

Do you ever feel as though there are too many electrical devices around you? It appears the use of these devices may have an impact on general health. We are not surprised by this given that there are over 200 billion connected smart gadgets, 3.8 billion smartphones, millions of mobile towers, and WiFi, to say the least. Given that EMF essentially covers the whole surface of our planet, it shouldn’t come as news that such radiation may interfere with the body’s electrical impulses. Why does this matter?

Well, it might drain overall vitality, speed up aging, hinder the body’s ability to fight off infections, cause cognitive fog, and rob people of sleep. Unsettling, isn’t it? Fortunately, a team developed a method to counteract the effects of EMFs that has been validated by science. If we told you that such a goal could be attained in style, would you believe us? The purpose of this review is to introduce the Harmoni Pendant.

What is the Harmoni Pendant?

The Harmoni Pendant is a pendant designed to improve the body’s ability to respond to stress, increase energy and performance, improve the quality of sleep, and offer defense against the harmful effects of EMF radiation. The creators claim that EMF can interfere with our body’s electrical impulses, which would be unnatural and could lead to a variety of cellular-level health issues. In fact, some indications of this include mitochondrial damage, free radical damage, weakened immunity, delayed cellular development, and disturbed hormone activity. Given the overall impact of EMF on our health, it is critical to see how the Harmoni Pendant works to counteract it all.

How does the Harmoni Pendant work?

The Harmoni Pendant is supposed to counteract the effects of EMF radiation. The sun is claimed to have been responsible for creating electromagnetic fields since the beginning of time (or radiation). Since the 20th century, scientists have become aware that indoor lighting and electric power cables are also producing EMFs as their numbers have increased [1].

Microwave ovens, laptops, smart meters, Wi-Fi routers, cellphones, and Bluetooth gadgets are all examples of non-ionizing radiation. This type is gentle and most likely harmless. Though deemed harmless, scientists usually agree that there may be some risk associated, especially given our continued reliance on such items.

Having said that, the Harmoni Pendant was created utilizing a unique metal combination that is known to harmonize the body. It is founded on the idea that organic materials attract and retain orgone (or invisible delicate energy), whereas non-organic materials repel and attract energy in a synergistic way. This pendant is notable for its ability to perform a type of balancing act by both drawing and repelling energy.

The team put the Harmoni Pendant to the test in order to demonstrate its general applicability. In particular, a multi-centered, single-armed, open-lab investigation was carried out between March and August 2020 at 9 healthcare facilities across the United States [2]. For the purpose of this study, 101 healthy volunteers (male and female) over the age of 18 who had never used the Harmoni Pendant or any other EMF protection devices were chosen.

It is worth noting that the lack of EMF was confirmed by the Gauss meter reading at baseline, and the presence was confirmed by the same meter readings after the EMF-stressor was introduced and after activation.

The following are the key conclusions:

  • A 700% increase in heart rate variability index, remedying the negative effect of EMF exposure
  • A 48% reduction in stress index scores was reported
  • An average increase of 159% combined in circadian rhythm and other markers of sleep
  • A 533% increase in energy reserves
  • A 2-year decrease in the biological age (i.e., reflection of accumulated wear and tear at a cellular level), suggesting improved longevity
  • A 138% increase in general health markers
  • A 140% increase in the body’s biophoton, suggesting an overall balance in energy
  • A 100% increase in the body’s psycho-emotional state, suggesting healthy mood
  • A 310% increase in the Vegetative index (i.e., a quantitative measure of automatic nervous system regulation)
  • Improvement in the capacity of blood cells to move freely as opposed to clumping together

By the end, the researchers concluded that:

“The activation of Harmoni Pendant may effectively minimize EMF-induced stress and other harmful alterations to the human body induced by EMFs. The findings also illustrate a range of health benefits achieved for an optimal regulation of the body’s steady state machinery. The results strongly support inclusion of the Harmoni Pendant, worn as a necklace […] to reduce bodily stress and improve overall physical and emotional well-being.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What material makes up the Harmoni Pendant? Is there any copper in it?

The Harmoni Pendant is composed of nickel-free surgical grade austenitic stainless steel. No, these alloys do not contain copper.

What if I can’t tolerate the Harmoni Pendant on the skin?

The team wants individuals to avoid any danger even though they insist that the Harmoni Pendant is unlikely to cause any inconvenience. The best course of action in this situation would be to keep the pendant with a pair of keys or in a pocket. The Harmoni Pendant does not have to be in close proximity to the body in order to draw and repel energy.

Does size have an impact on Harmoni Pendant’s ability to promote harmony?

No, other size options have only been included for aesthetic reasons. That said, people currently have the option of the 20mm or 25mm pendant.

Can the Harmoni Pendant be worn during a shower?

Yes, the Harmoni Pendant won’t be harmed by water in any way. The same holds true for unintentional washings in a washer. People merely need to be aware of the shape. The Harmoni Pendant’s overall effectiveness will decline if its shape, namely the symmetry of its hole pattern, is damaged.

Does the Harmoni Pendant need to be activated?

Yes, in order to completely benefit from the Harmoni Pendant, it must be activated. Individuals must place one end of a 12-inch (or 30 cm) ruler against their sternum or breastbone, while the opposing end with the circular icon faces out. The Harmoni Pendant must then be held for two minutes at the ruler’s facing-out section. At this time, the pendant has been activated, or to put it another way, people are now in harmony.

Why should the Harmoni Pendant be positioned 12 inches away from the sternum?

The Harmoni Pendant’s creators claim that a sweet spot of 12 inches is where they saw the greatest degree of benefits for balancing one’s energy and clearing the body of any disruptive sorts. In fact, it is believed that the Harmoni Pendant will resonate with each person’s frequencies best at this distance.

How often should the Harmoni Pendant be activated?

Typically, once a week is plenty, but it actually depends on each individual. More than once could be required for those who experience particularly low energy or high levels of stress throughout the course of the week.

Once activated, how should the Harmoni Pendant be treated?

Individuals are asked to wear the Harmoni Pendant on or close to their body at all times after activation for best effects. This might be in a pocket, on a keychain, a necklace, or even under a pillow.

What results can I expect of the Harmoni Pendant?

People might expect to feel less stiffness and discomfort overall after two minutes of harmonization. However, the first four days could be exhausting and may even interfere with sleep. This is typically a sign that the body is balancing its energies.

Will the Harmoni Pendant help activate my bodily chakras?

Yes, the Harmoni Pendant has been scientifically proven [3] to positively activate Meridians for:

  • Pericardium and Heart (for improved cardiovascular health)
  • Liver, Gallbladder, and Small Intestine (for healthy nutrient metabolism, and digestive health)
  • Lung and Kidney (for improved respiratory and glomerular functions)

Can the Harmoni Pendant be shared from person to person?

People are advised against sharing one pendant among several people because the Harmoni Pendant is tailored to one person’s energy field. If more than one person activates this pendant, the purported benefits may be lost for all people involved.

How long will it take for Harmoni Pendant shipments to arrive?

Orders shipping to addresses in the continental United States will typically arrive in 3 business days or less, but delivery times for orders shipping internationally will vary depending on location. In the second scenario, individuals might additionally be subject to any possible VAT, tariff, duty, taxes, handling costs, and custom charges.

Is the Harmoni Pendant protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, a 60-day money-back guarantee is in place for the Harmoni Pendant. Therefore, people have 60 days starting from the date of delivery to request a refund if they believe the pendant did not fulfill the benefits promised. However, prior to sending any packages, the Harmoni team must be contacted; else, the requests would be instantly turned down. For more information on how to initiate the process, contact the team in one of the following ways:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (323) 310 2484
  • Return Mailing Address: Harmoni Pendant, LLC, 10041 Regal Row, Suite 150, Houston, TX 77040

How much does the Harmoni Pendant cost?

The stainless steel Harmoni Pendant (in any size) is currently $89 instead of $149 before taxes and fees.

Final Verdict

Based on the preceding investigation, it should be evident that the Harmoni Pendant was created with EMF protection in mind. Demand for products that produce EMFs is expected to rise as society continues on its digitization path. Although these are generally safe to use, the scientific community is divided on the genuine negative impacts due to the great reliance on their use. In light of everything, our editorial team is amazed by what the Harmoni team has accomplished. They not only constructed a modern-looking pendant, but they also put it through two trials to see how it affected numerous health markers and chakras.

In one study involving 11 health markers, the Harmoni Pendant’s capacity to strike a balance between positive and negative energies resulted in substantial improvements in 91% of them (10 health markers). Similarly, researchers discovered activation in majority of our organs in a study concentrating on the impact of the Harmoni Pendant on our chakras. The presence of such evidence makes this necklace valuable, whether in terms of investment or wellness. In addition to their research, this team deserves praise for their continual transparency and education, which can be seen in both their customer service responses and their activation guide. To learn more about how the Harmoni Pendant can help manage stress, mood, energy levels, metabolism, and immunity among other things, visit here>>>.