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Scientists develop green fuel to combat climate change

Zero carbon GreenNH3 is 1/4 the price of fossil fuels and doesn’t pollute, so why aren’t we using it?
A working prototype at UOIT, which creates GreenNH3. The fuel can replace gasoline and diesel, with consumers manufacturing their own supply using the refrigerator-sized machine.

If record heat waves, out-of-control wildfires and flash floods have you worrying about climate change, Roger Gordon’s invention is sure to ease your mind.

Ammonia is an inexpensive, zero-emission fuel that can power our cars, farm machinery and mining operations. Unlike petroleum products, ammonia can be easily man-made using nothing more than water and air, and with Gordon’s invention even amateurs can make the fuel themselves. That means no more fossil fuels, and no more pipelines across the country to transport fuel to your door.

“I don’t know of a better solution than this,” says Gordon, whose company GreenNH3 developed the ammonia-manufacturing technology alongside the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and the University of New Brunswick.

It’s cheap (about 25 cents a litre), but cost savings aren’t the main motivator for the scientists who developed GreenNH3. The planet is in crisis, and humans can’t flee to some space colony to start over — healing earth is our only viable option.

Scientist Roger Gordon invented a machine that produces GreenNH3, an inexpensive nonpolluting fuel that can be used in internal combustion engines.
Scientist Roger Gordon invented a machine that produces GreenNH3, an inexpensive nonpolluting fuel that can be used in internal combustion engines.

“GreenNH3 scientists sacrificed time and money to bring the world this wonderful solution, and politicians are ignoring it. Before Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister he praised GreenNH3 but after getting elected he will not reply to our messages. All we need is for his government to express their support, and investors around the world will be ready to come on board.”

His message to Canadians? Call your MP and MLA. If they don’t know about GreenNH3 give them a day to get educated — and then call them again.


Interest around the world

Ammonia has been used for decades as a fertilizer, fuel, refrigerant and disinfectant — this isn’t an experimental fuel. Large-scale ammonia manufacturing has also been around for decades, but GreenNH3 is cleaner and easier to make on a smaller scale. The machine is about the size of a refrigerator.

“Farmers in Sweden and Germany have come to Canada and expressed interest in the technology. Mining operations in Canada’s north would love to use it instead of diesel. But we need to mass-produce these machines, it’s not cost-effective to build them one at a time,” Gordon says.

And that’s why he’s hoping for a government response to get the project to the next stage — and reduce the harmful effects of greenhouse gasses on our planet.

“We’re looking for one willing politician, or one willing investor to help us save the planet. There must be one out there.”

Learn more about the project at or contact to get involved.