Adams Lake Indian Band removes councillors

Three councillors were removed in response to a petition submitted to the band's community panel.

  • Oct. 28, 2016 10:00 a.m.
Chief Robin Billy of the Adams Lake Indian Band

Chief Robin Billy of the Adams Lake Indian Band


Three band councillors from the Adams Lake Indian Band were removed from office on Oct. 23.

Gina Johnny, Brandy Jules and Ronnie Jules were removed, leaving Chief Robin Billy and councillors Greg Witzky and Norma Manuel still in office.

According to the band’s election rules a band councillor can only be removed from office for violation of the election rules or breaching their oath of office.

The process of removing a council member in the election rules begins with a petition signed by 10 electors with a sworn affidavit containing the grounds for dismissal.

notice on the band’s website says Ronnie Jules was removed for committing five violations,  Johnny was removed for three violations and Brandy Jules for four violations. No details of the nature of the violations were provided in the document.

Another notice on the website dated Sept. 29 2016  states the band’s community panel received a petition for the removal of Ronnie Jules, Brandy Jules and Gina Johnny. The petition was received from Valerie Joan Manuel.

The community panel is an elected body separate from the chief and council which currently consists of Maryann Yarama, Lynn Kenoras, Hilda Annette Jensen, David Nordquist and Sandra Lund.

The removed councillors’ positions were listed as vacant on the band’s website as of Oct. 25.

Band meetings scheduled for Oct. 25 and 26 were listed as cancelled on the website.

The Adams Lake Indian Band Chief and Councillors did not return a request for comment.