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Anti-abortion rally lines highway in Kelowna

About 200 people lined the street between Gordon and Ellis for the hour long protest

People lined a portion of Kelowna’s Harvey Ave. on Oct. 1 to rally against abortion.

The annual protest takes place on the first Sunday of October, across Canada and the U.S. under the organization Life Chain.

Kelowna Right to Life Society spokesperson Marlon Bartram said about 200 people showed up.

Bartram has first-hand experience, he stated he lost a baby to abortion about 20 years ago.

“That experience told me that that’s a baby in there, it’s not just a clump of cells,” he said.

Two people held signs nearby in counter protest. Corey, who opted only to give a first name, said, “This is my fourth year coming out here and standing against this absolute nonsense… Every year I see people driving by, women with children in their cars, and they were absolutely distraught about what they were seeing on the street… It’s a personal choice that I think should be freely available to anyone to make and the laws preventing that are very anti-women.”

Bartram said he welcomes people who want to peacefully protest on the other side.

“They’re free to come out and state their messages and express themselves just as we are free to, and we actually encourage it because we want society to look at the issue, look at all sides of the issue and may the best arguments win,” said Bartram.

Protesters were also seen in Vernon along Highway 97 as well between 2 and 3 p.m.

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