Leaving a spare set of car keys in your vehicle’s console is an invitation to thieves. (File photo)

Leaving a spare set of car keys in your vehicle’s console is an invitation to thieves. (File photo)

Chase police say two men reportedly beat up another man attempting to steal truck

The two men wouldn’t cooperate as witnesses to theft, police say, but they may be charged in assault

Vehicle problems have been a major focus for Chase RCMP in January, ranging from people taking justice into their own hands to drivers leaving their vehicles unlocked.

•A news release from Sgt. Barry Kennedy stated police were advised of a fight on Jan. 5 about 9:13 p.m. A complainant said two men were beating up a third man. When officers arrived, they found two men on top of another who appeared to be injured.

One of the two told police he caught the man in the driver’s seat of his unlocked vehicle, so officers arrested him. The witnesses, however, refused to identify themselves and were not cooperative with the investigation, Kennedy said.

Because nothing was stolen, the vehicle was not damaged and no witnesses nor evidence was available, police weren’t able to pursue charges. However, there were witnesses to the assault and the evidence of injuries. Kennedy said the investigation continues.

• Earlier on Jan. 5, Chase RCMP received a report of a man rummaging through a vehicle that did not belong to him. When police arrived about 1:30 a.m. they found the man. The vehicle had been left unlocked and nothing was damaged or missing.

Kennedy said the temperature was -20 C at the time and the man said he was trying to warm up. He was arrested for trespassing and transported to the detachment for processing. If the witness cooperates with the investigation, charges may be pursued.

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•Also on Jan. 5, this incident at 10:30 a.m., Chase RCMP were notified of a red pickup truck abandoned in the middle of a road. As it turned out, it was simply a case of bad parking.

When officers responded they followed footprints in the snow to a nearby residence.

“At the residence, police spoke with the vehicle’s owner who said he thought he parked okay but would re-park the vehicle, hopefully better,” Kennedy said.

•Another call that day was regarding a stolen vehicle. About 3:30 pm, Chase RCMP were told the vehicle was taken from a business in Chase.

“The complainant later called back to report he had located the vehicle. It was not stolen, just misplaced,” Kennedy said.

•Kennedy also reported that over the past two months, Chase RCMP have received a surprising number of reports of thefts from unlocked vehicles.

Missing items have included such valuables as wallets and cash, tools and $300 sunglasses. He said the thefts are crimes of opportunity and are preventable.

Police recommend locking your vehicle and/or bringing your valuables inside.

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