City crews wielding chain saws, but not to clear hydro lines

City crews wielding chain saws, but not to clear hydro lines

Traffic delays for branch clearing around city may be to improve safety

If you’ve noticed traffic delays in the industrial park recently, the most recent work is being done by BC Hydro to keep the power lines clear of branches.

If you’ve noticed similar work in other parts of the city, those are city crews wielding the chain saws. They’re doing the work for another reason.

Rob Niewenhuizen, the city’s director of engineering and public works, explains that the goal is “to improve driving sight lines on the roadways and also in preparation for some of this year’s paving overlay projects.”

He says the city doesn’t trim around the hydro lines for safety reasons but it did have BC Hydro work on the lines in the industrial park.

The city’s trimming program has a limited budget, he says, “but it requires an extensive amount of work throughout the year due to the number of trees and vegetation that we have throughout our community.”

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