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City of Revelstoke to host bio-heat summit

Revelstoke has had its own bioenergy system since 2005
Revelstoke City Hall. (Josh Piercey/Revelstoke Review)

Revelstoke will host its first-ever bio-heat event later this month, sparking conversations around alternative energy sources in the local community.

“Community bioenergy systems are a proven way that communities can reduce consumption of fossil fuels, support their local economy, and keep energy dollars local,” begins the description of the event on the City of Revelstoke website.

The summit was initiated by the City of Revelstoke and supported by Tourism Revelstoke and the Community Energy Association. As a community that has had a bioenergy system working to provide energy to several of its municipal buildings, Revelstoke has emerged as a leader in community-led bioenergy systems in the province. The purpose of the summit on Thursday, Oct. 19, is to reflect on Revelstoke’s own system while examining it in the broader context of the provincial and national energy landscape.

The bioenergy facility, the Revelstoke Community Energy System (RCES), is located at Downie Timber. RCES will be the first item on the agenda for the summit, with participants getting the chance to tour the facility at 3 p.m. on Thursday (Oct. 19). The City of Revelstoke said the tour will be limited to in-person participants, and that space is limited, so those looking to attend should register as soon as possible.

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While the specific purpose of the summit wasn’t articulated in the City of Revelstoke’s description of the event, the city provided several questions that will help guide the summit:

•What has been Revelstoke’s experience and how might it be relevant to other communities either operating or considering community energy systems?

•What is the experience of other communities? What is critical for success and what should be avoided?

•What is the current bioenergy context across Canada as communities explore ways to reduce local carbon pollution, boost their economy, and protect their residents from wildfires?

•What is the role of the private sector and other levels of government?

The City of Revelstoke said that the questions –among others– are what the summit will seek to answer.

The summit aims to attract a variety of parties from the public and private sectors.

The primary summit event will commence at 6 p.m. at the Revelstoke Community Centre with a welcome message from Mayor Gary Sulz to get things started.

Registration is available on the City of Revelstoke website.

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