Keep tabs on your garage door remote

Salmon Arm RCMP suspect garage door openers have been taken to gain access to residences while the home owner is away.

The Salmon Arm RCMP are warning residents to keep a close eye on their remote garage door openers.

In the past week, several unlocked vehicles have been entered in the Salmon Arm area and the garage openers have been stolen. Police suspect these items have been taken to gain access to the residence while the home owner is away.

Staff Sgt. Kevin Keane of the Salmon Arm RCMP is suggesting city residents check vehicles to ensure the garage door opener is not missing, and if it is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to change the remote frequency.

Police also recommend removing items of value and locking vehicles at all times.

“Leaving a garage door remote in an unlocked vehicle is similar to leaving your front door unlocked,” says Keane.

Also be aware of unfamiliar vehicles on your residential street who may be attempting to open garage doors with a stolen remote. If you see anything suspicious, note the vehicle details and contact the RCMP.