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Kelowna RCMP: Report illegal drones, suspicious activity in evacuation zones

RCMP reminding residents pharmacies can provide emergency refills on medication
(Photo/Kelowna RCMP)

Another reminder from the Kelowna RCMP that drones cannot be flown in wildfire zones.

Police received a report of an unauthorized drone being flown over the Clifton and Rio area on Sunday (Aug. 20) where a wildfire is impacting the Kelowna community.

“We can not make this more clear to someone who’s flying their drone right now. What you are doing is illegal, it’s irresponsible and it’s impeding firefighting efforts. Anyone who’s caught flying their drone unlawfully will be charged and their aircraft will be seized,” said Cpl. Michael Gauthier with RCMP Media Relations Unit.

Police have also received several calls about suspicious activity observed by evacuated residents on home security cameras. The RCMP can disseminate images and watch for reported vehicles and persons. The public is encouraged to continue monitoring their homes and report all suspicious activity.

Only personnel working to fight the wildfires are permitted in evacuation order zones.

Evacuated residents are discouraged from asking law enforcement for access to evacuated areas. Those requiring medication should ask pharmacies for a preemptive refill.

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