Shuswap Lake went down a bit both Monday, June 27 and Tuesday, June 28. (File photo)

Shuswap Lake went down a bit both Monday, June 27 and Tuesday, June 28. (File photo)

Level of Shuswap Lake drops slightly two days in a row

Rain and rapid snow melt might still add to the volume

Shuswap Lake went down again over the past 24 hours, but only slightly.

The level dropped 0.002 metres or 0.07 inches from Sunday, June 26, to Monday, June 27.

Then it dropped again, slightly more than overnight Sunday. The Shuswap Emergency Program (SEP) reported the level on Tuesday, June 28 at 7 a.m. was 348.905m.

That’s 0.039 m or 1.5 inches lower than the 348.944m level on Monday.

SEP had not said as of Tuesday whether the lake level is considered peaking, which it predicted could happen early this week. Hot weather could potentially bring down more snow from higher elevations which could increase the lake level and, while rain continues to be in the forecast.

SEP has also requested that boaters slow down and be respectful of the high water threatening lakeshore properties.

“Your boat wake could cause major damage to flood-prone homes or businesses and contribute to erosion at local beaches. Please be considerate and travel slowly to reduce the impact of your wake, especially near shorelines,” posted SEP.

The Shuswap River Ambassadors also stress that boaters respect the property of residents living on the Shuswap River and refrain from creating boat wakes while the water level is high.

Ambassadors also point out the Shuswap River is not safe to be on with kayaks, tubes, etc. and people should use extreme caution when near the river banks. Fast-moving, murky, cold water, as well as debris, sweepers and log jams add to the danger.

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