On-street parking rates in Salmon Arm heading up to $1 per hour on July 1, 2022. (File photo)

On-street parking rates in Salmon Arm heading up to $1 per hour on July 1, 2022. (File photo)

Metered parking increasing from 25 cents to $1 per hour in Salmon Arm

After an estimated three decades at the same rate, council approves increase

Parking rates in Salmon Arm will be increasing, come the summer.

Parking meter/ticket machine rates will increase as of July 1, 2022, and the rate for reserved parking stalls following a six-month notification period.

Salmon Arm council approved the recommendations from the city’s downtown parking commission at its Jan. 24 council meeting. 

The parking meter/ticket machine rates will be going up from 25 cents per hour to $1 per hour. The reserved parking stall rates, which are now $25 and $35 per month respectively for non-personalized and personalized stalls, will be jumping to $50 and $60 per month.

“This is part of the parking strategic plan we brought forward last year and this is the first step in normalizing our downtown parking costs,” said Coun. Chad Eliason, the city’s representative on the parking commission. “The recommendation from our strategic plan is $1.40/hr, so we are still the lowest in the region.”

Free parking will remain in the downtown core for the two-hour zones on the street.

The current rates have been in place since the early ’90s or before, staff said.

Eliason said any remaining coin meters will be removed as they can’t be repaired anymore due to parts no longer being made.

“Anywhere there were coin meters, there will now be electronic ticket machines. The last coin meters were near the cenotaph, south of the TCH.”

In response to a request from Downtown Salmon Arm, council also approved the commission’s recommendation that a temporary 15-minute parking/loading zone be installed in the 300 block of Ross Street to accommodate businesses during construction of the Ross Street Underpass.

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